Merge Sunday’s

The Twin Cities are a vast harvest field. There are over 1 MILLION first and second generation immigrants from over 100 nations here in the Twin Cities. 90% of these neighbors do not have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. The heart of Merge is to help believers awaken to this divine opportunity the Lord has given us, to make disciples of all nations, right here in the Twin Cities. To not only draw awareness to what God is doing, but also to equip believers in fulfilling the Great Commission. 

Merge Sundays are an opportunity for you to share with your Church the narrative of what God is doing here in our backyard. 

Invite your Church to begin praying for what God will do next summer as we Celebrate the Nations at Allianz Field, by ordering your FREE “PRAY FOR 5” cards. Or, for Dr. Sammy, or a Merge team member, to come speak, email Alice at 

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations .” Matthew 28:19