Get Involved


Launching Merge is a simple way to invite your Church into this mission of reaching the nations of the Twin Cities, providing them an opportunity to sign up to pray for their neighbors and get training in cross-cultural evangelism.

1) Pick a date to launch Merge! Once you have a Sunday that you would like to launch, let our team know by emailing

2) Once you email us, we will send your Church’s Neighborhood List! This is a list that tells you the names/addresses of the homes surrounding your Church and will allow you to mobilize your congregation to begin praying for your community.

3) On the day of your launch, simply share our Promo Video and Info Slide during your Church announcements.

4) During announcements, invite your Church to sign up to PRAY via your Church’s Neighborhood List.

5) Lastly, encourage your Church to visit: to sign up for trainings and more!

Download Merge Launch Kit